Ask an Architect

Frustrated with the existing layout of your home? 
Need an extra bedroom but can’t afford to move?
Have some self-build ideas but need some advice on putting them into practice?

If you have any of these issues, then you will be interested in our ‘Ask an Architect’ sessions.  Working with The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) we are offering a free personal consultation with an architect to discuss ideas for designing and building your own home or renovating or reconfiguring your existing home in a strictly no obligation 25 minute meeting.  

All sessions must be booked in advance.

Please email or call on 0345 223 4455 to arrange your booking.

  • Saturday 18th September
  • Saturday 6th November

Discussion Topics:

  • Designing and building your own self build home
  • Reconfiguring your existing home to maximise space
  • Creating extra storage
  • Introducing energy-saving solutions to save money
  • Adding value to your home

For example, a chartered architect can: 

  • Help you achieve your aspirations and vision
  • Add value to your project through good design and sound construction
  • Bring creativity to your project whilst keeping it on track
  • Guide you through the design and construction process
  • Give you peace of mind

All appointments will be held with an architect from RIBA Chartered Practice who adheres to the RIBA Professional Code of Conduct.

By booking an RIBA Ask an Architect appointment you confirm that you are not currently employing or have sought advice from an RIBA Chartered Architect or RIBA Chartered Practice on the project you are intending to discuss.

The advice given at the session is in no way to be used as a second opinion on, or in dispute of, work or plans currently being undertaken by another construction professional. Where work or plans have previously been undertaken or completed by another construction professional, you must be paid up to date and not in dispute.

If this turns out not to be the case on arrival at your appointment, the attending architect will not be able to discuss your project with you. This is in accordance with the RIBA and ARB Codes of Professional Conduct.

Online resources:

Sessions are by appointment only, please email or call 0345 223 4455

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