Eco Workshops

We know a priority for many self builders is to design an energy efficient home. These free workshops will help you research the many options for building a high performance home, or one that utilises natural materials. We explore the pros and cons of different building methods, the importance of good design, and the merits of different heating, insulation and ventilation solutions and much more.  Attendees will enjoy masterclass talks, panel discussions, live demonstrations and guided tours.

Eco Workshop - Online Follow-up: Building Systems & Project Management - Friday 25th June

We recently enjoyed a successful live Eco Workshop, welcoming just under one hundred people who enjoyed our expert presentations on Building Systems and Project Management.

We were contacted by a high number of people who were, for a variety of reasons, unable to attend on Saturday but were very interested in the content.

Therefore, we have decided to run a special follow up event. This will be an online event held via Zoom (so there’s no need to travel) and is being supported by a number of our ‘green team’ expert presenters, who will offer short presentations and build on the key themes raised.

Lifting the lid on eco issues!

Virtual Eco Workshop: Building Systems & Project Management

Friday 25th June (10am - 1pm)

What practical measures can be taken with existing buildings to make them more sustainable and energy efficient?
This quick fire, focused, workshop will explore high performance, well designed homes. 
Our team will also cover the role that the self builder plays in the construction process, whether it be self project managing, package managing or using sub-contractors – addressing the relative merits and drawbacks of each route.

The workshop will be hosted by David Hilton. David is an authority in sustainable building and energy efficiency with extensive knowledge in building fabrics, heating systems, heat recovery ventilation, renewables and conventional heating systems. David has a Master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture, is a fully qualified renewables, Gas safe installer, trainer and has 30 years’ experience in the industry. 

Plan for the session: 

10:00 - 10:30 - The session will begin with a short introduction from our 
NSBRC Expert David Hilton, who will go through the importance of Building Systems and Project Management when completing an Eco Build.

10:30 - 12:30 - A range of our presenters will do highlights from their presentations and touch on topics from the live Q&A session.

12:30 - 13:00 - Virtual Question and answer session hosted by David Hilton, NSBRC Expert.

This session will be held via zoom

Future Eco Workshops:

  • Saturday 14th August - Heat & Energy 
  • Saturday 13th November - Retrofit Solutions

Please note these Eco Workshops are due to be held as a live event at The National Self Build & Renovation Centre.

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