Eco Workshops

We know a priority for many self builders is to design an energy efficient home. These free workshops will help you research the many options for building a high performance home, or one that utilises natural materials. We explore the pros and cons of different building methods, the importance of good design, and the merits of different heating, insulation and ventilation solutions and much more.  Attendees will enjoy masterclass talks, panel discussions, live demonstrations and guided tours.

Eco Workshop: Heat & Energy - Saturday 14th August

Join us for one of our most popular events and get the answers that the salespeople might not tell you. We’ll cover everything from heat pumps and solar panels to ventilation and building fabric; what’s new, what works and what are the practical issues you need to consider.

This is your opportunity to get the facts straight from the experts. Hear what’s happening with government incentives, and understand the green investment opportunities different technologies offer so you can balance upfront costs with the long-term savings they may provide.

This workshop will offer a full timetable of seminars, question time sessions and educational tours showcasing the NSBRC's live exhibits.

Lifting the lid on eco issues!

Eco Workshop: Heat & Energy - Saturday 14th August (10:00 - 16:00)

Please note this Eco Workshop is due to be held as a live event at The National Self Build & Renovation Centre.

You can book your free tickets in advance here.

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Future Eco Workshops:

  • Saturday 13th November - Retrofit Solutions

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