Eco Workshops

We know a priority for many self builders is to design an energy efficient home. These free workshops will help you research the many options for building a high performance home, or one that utilises natural materials. We explore the pros and cons of different building methods, the importance of good design, and the merits of different heating, insulation and ventilation solutions and much more.  Attendees will enjoy masterclass talks, panel discussions, live demonstrations and guided tours.

Virtual Workshop: Design, Planning & Sustainability

Saturday 20th February

Find out first hand how your designs, lifestyle and heating choices could impact on your home’s energy performance.

This workshop promises to answer all your design and planning questions, covering everything from traditional building methods to more modern higher performance buildings.

It will also cover legislative drivers and government initiatives as well as current incentives. Hosted by David Hilton, the NSBRC’s resident Helpdesk expert and presenter of the NSBRC Guide to Heating Your Home, and the event will feature a line-up of experienced and friendly experts.

  • Our range of presentations will cover:
  • Designing to energy efficient principles
  • Planning Surgery
  • Air-tightness and Insulation
  • Designing in heat recovery and ventilation
  • Funding your homebuilding plans
  • Preparing to design and plan your low energy build
  • and much more…

Lifting the lid on eco issues!

Virtual Workshop: Design, Planning & Sustainability - Saturday 20th February

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