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Imagine a home with up to 90% lower energy bills, healthier fresher air and a more comfortable living environment. Beattie Passive homes deliver all of this and the optimum in energy performance and quality standards – Passivhaus. Providing you with the future of housing, today.

Simplifying Passivhaus: Beattie Passive are an award winning, innovative offsite timber frame build technology that guarantees the performance of Passivhaus, delivering energy efficient homes in any design, shape or style. The UK designed and manufactured system greatly simplifies the delivery of Passivhaus, providing performance and quality certainty delivering high quality, energy efficient and healthy homes for all.

Beattie Passive’s innovative offsite timber frame build technology lifts building standards to a new level, delivering:

  • High performance homes with outstanding Passivhaus energy and comfort standards
  • Full design flexibility - any design, shape or style of home
  • 90% reduction in heating requirements - your home will need minimal heating
  • Healthier and comfortable homes, no drafts or overheating and can alleviate health conditions such as asthma and hayfever
  • The only complete build system, certified by the Passivhaus Institute
  • Quality assured product - we test at the right time, ensuring that what is designed is built and what is built performs as it was designed
  • Higher levels of sound, fire, flood and radon gas protection
  • Sustainable materials and low carbon footprint
  • British design innovation and manufactured in the UK

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