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- LPG Gas


Calor is the UK’s leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), bringing clean, efficient and modern energy to homes located off the mains gas grid, distributed via the UK's largest LPG delivery fleet.

Calor also has an exclusive renewable LPG, BioLPG available for home heating. BioLPG is created from a mix of renewable materials and waste, and can help to reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 38 per cent[1] in comparison to heating oil.

Whether you’re opting for LPG or BioLPG, there is an array of storage options available to suit your needs, ranging from above and below ground tanks, to cylinders.

Automatic top-up technology is available on tanks to monitor your gas levels, alerting Calor when you’re running low and automatically scheduling a delivery too.

[1] Greenhouse Gas savings for BioLPG vary according to the feedstock used; the more waste residues used the higher the carbon savings.  Based on the feedstocks used in Calor BioLPG the minimum carbon savings that would be made will be 15% and up to 32% (based on a blend of 60% BioLPG and 40% conventional propane) compared to the European approved Renewable Energy Directive Fossil fuel comparator. Feedstocks used in the production of Calor BioLPG by NESTE are verified with International Sustainability and Carbon Certification

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