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- Damp & Water Proofing

The Cementaid Group started in 1962. One of its proprietary products is Everdure Caltite (Caltite), an additive for concrete to make it waterproof, which is produced in the UK.

Concrete even of the highest quality contains a network of pores and capillaries through which water will readily pass by the simple process of absorption. Not only does damp concrete result in mould growth, damage to paintwork/wallpaper, possible smells and rotting of any wood fixtures attached to it, but the presence of water is the catalyst for concrete deterioration, especially where the water itself brings chlorides or sulphates into the concrete.

Caltite has a history of providing damp-proof concrete for over 60 years in over 30,000 structures around the world including 10 Grand Design houses in the UK.

Usually specified by the architect or structural engineer, we don’t just sell a product, what we sell is a system. As such, we like to be involved as early as possible in projects to ensure the best use is made of Caltite. In addition, we carry out a pre-start meeting with the concrete contractor to discuss the proposed works and for every placement of concrete containing Caltite, we attend the concrete batch plant to ensure correct dosage and on site to record the details of the placement. On completion, we do a final inspection and, once any noted defects have been rectified, we issue our 20-year guarantee.

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