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The Property MOT® is brought to you by damp surveying industry leaders Cornerstone, backed by the D.A.M.P Association who are developing a damp surveying framework for a best practice consistent approach to affected structures.

Whether its property developers looking to understand a damp causation, landlords seeking professional and legal assurances or new house purchasers seeking a Homebuyers Survey advice, the platform delivers a non-biased, fact-based report as to causations for damp, condensation and mould.

Similar to a Health or Vehicle MOT, surveys are designed to provide advisories for properties under renovation, for sale, void, occupied or having undertaken specific repairs that require immediate attention or could lead to future issues ultimately resulting in a Certificate of Moisture Condition being issued. A bespoke sequential assessment of the exterior alongside internal condition profiling is secured in line with existing British Standards and Building Regs.

With experience in excess of 1500 damp, condensation and mould related surveys for a range of customers, Cornerstone have demonstrated a unique understanding of causes both structural and occupational of typically moisture generation, ingress, rising damp and inadequate ventilation and, to impart this knowledge, the unique Property MOT® process is designed to be undertaken by trained accredited members of the D.A.M.P Association.

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