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Display365 Switchable Privacy Glass and Retrofit Film is now available in the UK at market beating prices. Our flagship product being the adhesive Privacy Smart Film that can be retrofitted to existing glass installations and with a press of a button will instantly turn your glass opaque or transparent.

Its benefits include privacy, UV protection, Energy saving, security and can even be used as a projector screen in the home or store front advertising after hours! Get rid of dusty, unsightly curtains or blinds in the home or office. Smart film can have added benefits in areas where cleanliness is paramount like hospitals or dental clinics.

The adhesive type is easy to install and does not need to be hard wired to the mains supply. It’s a simple stick, plug and play system that transforms the home and office of today into the future. Display365 also provide a full installation service. 

Visit our stand TV209 and see first hand this amazing technology making headlines all around the world.


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