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D&M Homes believes passionately about good design, putting quality of life, your lifestyle, your surroundings, and your budget at the core of our work. A good design is one that satisfies all the needs of those who live in it and takes account of the site, planning and budget.Considerate, intelligent and creative design is the means to achieving your vision and lies at the heart of everything we do.


Some ‘self-builders’ prefer an in depth involvement overseeing day relationships in the build process. Others prefer the prospect of having a bespoke home delivered for them. With D&M Homes you can be involved as much or as little as you are able and our service ensures that you can choose all the things that are important to you, guided at every stage by our experienced team of experts.


D&M Homes remain involved during the construction process allowing you to continue your everyday occupation. The contractor on site deals with the day to day management of the build. 

We provide 3 simple packages for you to choose from: Weathertight Shell, Complete Build or Turnkey.

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