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Dreadnought Roof tiles make a powerful statement of quality.

Your choice of roof covering will affect both the character and value of your building.  Kerb appeal, the appearance of the property as you approach, significantly affects its value and desirability, get the roof right and it will be a statement of quality, get it wrong with a poor choice of materials and the roof, as one of the most dominant features, will diminish its character.

Made in the UK using traditional firing techniques, Dreadnought clay roof tiles are available in a range of natural clay colours from blues and browns to brindles and reds. The beauty of natural clay colours is unrivalled, clay tiles mellow and improve with age.  Dreadnought tiles are equally suitable for contemporary and traditional projects and are offered in 3 distinct ranges, Machine Made, Rustic Hand Crafted and Classic Handmade as well as a range of ornamental tiles, and matching roofing components.

Ketley brick slips and traditional clay quarry tiles are made on the same site as Dreadnought roof tiles using the same traditional firing techniques in a similar range of natural clay colours.

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