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Save time and money on your build

If you want a quick, cost-effective and straightforward build method look no further than British manufactured Durisol - the original insulated concrete formwork (ICF).

Manufactured in South Wales from recycled cement-bonded wood fibre material Durisol units are a sustainable alternative to brick, block and timber-frame construction.

The ICF units are supplied pre-insulated and are simply dry stacked together on site to form the walls which are then in-filled with concrete. Unlike other ICF blocks made from polystyrene, there is no need to prop the walls during construction as the weight of the units holds them in place. Skilled labour is not required and the process is easy and fast.

With Durisol as the primary construction material you can complete the shell of a four-bed detached house in just seven days!

Durisol also delivers thermal efficiency and fire resistance that exceeds UK building regulation requirements, it can be built in all weathers, and is waterproof so ideal for basement projects. 

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