Easi-Dec Limited

Stand Location: Renovation House & Roof Zone
Website: www.easi-dec.co.uk


- Safe Access Solutions

Safe, rapid and robust solutions for working at height. 

Whether you’re working in a loft, plastering a wall, or working off ladders, we have a solution to allow you to work safely. 

Joist Safety Matting is designed specifically for the safe working in loft spaces, preventing the age-old problem of putting your foot through the ceiling.  It’s lightweight, easily manoeuvrable and simply rolls out to cover the space between joists. Suitable to run along the joist or perpendicular.

The Plasterer’s Mate Safety Platform is designed specifically for low level work to walls and ceilings.  The system overcomes the problems associated with traditional methods where falls can occur.

Ladder Safety Accessories offer clever devices to fit most ladders (EN131).  The Anchor Fix enables the ladder to be set up on slopes of up to 15˚, while Ladder Spurs increase the base of the ladder reducing the chance of sideward slip.  Our Ladder Stand-Off widens the top of the ladder and can span around downpipes or rest on corners of buildings. 

Painter’s Mate is a lightweight and safe personal mini access platform that’s ideal for painting and other external short duration work at heights up to 8m (reach).

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