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EcoCocon is a construction system based on the cradle to cradle philosophy, making the best of natural materials – timber, straw and clay – while ensuring maximum indoor comfort and energy-efficiency. 


The EcoCocon wall system is a certified Passivhaus component. The main building blocks are structural timber-straw wall elements that are made to measure for every project. An integral part of the system is the use of an airtight, yet fully diffusion-open membrane on the outside of the panels. The system is certified together with a humidity-regulating natural clay plaster on the interior side. 

  • Carbon-storing construction from 98% natural renewable materials 
  • Excellent indoor air quality
  • Super-insulated diffusion-open walls
  • High acoustic insulation
  • Custom-made to fit any design
  • Prefabricated for simple and rapid installation

The EcoCocon’s natural construction system holds several certificates including Cradle to Cradle and the German Passivhaus standard.

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