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We’re an established family business with over one hundred years of knowledge designing, manufacturing and installing timber frames.

Today, we focus entirely on bespoke timber frames, rather than you choosing a standard one from a brochure (why wouldn’t make it truly your own home anyway – you’re spending an awful lot of money on it after all!).

In other words, we’ll make a timber frame to your exact requirements. It’s that simple. If you want oak framing, we’ll give you oak framing. If you want curved walls, we’ll give you curved walls.

We can give you access to architectural designers, planning consultants, building regulations specialists, engineers and joiners. You can chat to them directly throughout the project just by picking up the phone.

Many of our projects tend to be fully-managed, but we are also able to offer a supply and installation service too if you want to get really hands on, or take it to wind and watertight ready for you to carry on from there – it’s up to you.

We know self-build like the backs of our hands, and we’re here to help you with your project.

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