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Take control of your home’s comfort, quality and efficiency

Enhabit uses fabric-first building physics principles to design and build living spaces that are comfortable, healthy, easy to maintain and efficient to run.

As a team of engineers, project managers and passivhaus designers, Enhabit uses real engineering skills and building physics to help our clients understand what low-energy means to them, how it can be achieved and the improved levels of comfort and health that result. Whilst low energy bills are important, we also focus on building warm, comfortable homes which aren’t costly to run.

Low-energy homes require different building techniques, better design and more attention to detail. We have a trusted network of building contractors, ventilation, heating and solar technicians, architects and structural engineers to help design, install and commission our building systems for our clients.

If you’re looking for a full design and build service, Enhabit can help you - from initial concept all the way to the finished home.

Our extensive product range includes MVHR, solar PV and thermal, air and ground source heat pumps, heating systems, airtightness, insulation and more – all tested to rigorous standards by Enhabit’s engineers.

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