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Gartec Home Lifts offer energy-efficient electrical lifts with hundreds of design options, installed in just 3 days. Our innovative home lifts work around your home design - travel 6 floors with doors on different sides, from compact to wheelchair sizes with 410kg capacity. Our smart HomeLift can connect to your smart home system, with a phone app to control lighting, colour and schedules.

Fully family-ready, our home lift range comes with key safety features including a full shaft enclosure, communication device, emergency stop, battery backup and safety edges.

Design your lift to blend in with or stand out from your home décor, with colour options or glass panels, and create bespoke backwall art for our HomeLift to really make it yours.

Our lifts come as standard with free home visits, showroom appointments, pre-installation checks, full handover and a 2 year warranty with servicing – as well as any advice or support you need along the way.

We believe that life isn’t a compromise – visit stand 135 to futureproof your perfect home today!

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