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GRK Interiors’ mission is to provide homeowners across the country with easy access to guaranteed ceiling solutions. We are a dedicated UK manufacturer and installer of stretch ceilings, we have invested in the technology and machinery to make a complete range of ceiling systems, providing a superior service to all our UK based clients at affordable prices.

GRK Interiors stretch ceiling solutions are an easy way to alter any interior space, lower a high ceiling or hide under ceiling installations and wiring. The material is very lightweight, durable, and flexible and can easily fit into any space or location.

Two common uses of stretch ceilings in residential homes are: Providing a beautiful, safe, and cost-effective solution to replacing or repairing Artex or textured ceilings, and, Preventing damage and discolouration of indoor swimming pool and bathroom ceilings due to the higher levels of dampness, water vapour and condensate accompanying the use of those areas.

GRK Interiors stretch ceilings can be used in any room, are the easiest and quickest way to give the room a unique and exclusive feel.

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