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Lime-scale, in hard water areas, is the problem. Disgusting to look at, it’s hard to clean, and wastes vast amounts of energy within your hot water system (3mm scale on your heating elements = 30% more energy). Limescale shortens the lifespan for boilers, washing machines and showers, and increases maintenance costs for household systems.

But the minerals that cause these problems are really healthy for your brains and body so we don’t want to remove them, we alter them just enough that they don’t create limescale.

Halcyan Water Conditioners are the most cost effective and sustainable solution for the prevention and removal of lime-scale.

A proven technology, it uses a unique alloy core to achieve excellent results, and doesn’t require any salts or chemicals, there is no power requirement nor ongoing maintenance costs. Every unit is guaranteed for 30 years, and WRAS certified for your peace of mind.

Quick to install, Halcyan doesn’t need any extra pipework, doesn’t take up cupboard space, you don’t need to maintain it and you can drink the water from every tap.

For more information visit us at www.halcyanwater.com or call us with any queries on 0345 5040 656, we’d love to help.

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