Halcyan Water Conditioners

Stand Location: 188
Website: www.halcyanwater.com

Halcyan protects homes against damaging limescale and provides softened water for your family. 

Concrete-like, lime-scale, in hard water areas, is the problem. Disgusting to look at, and hard to clean, it also creates huge losses in energy efficiency (3mm scale = 30% increased energy consumption) and shortens equipment lifespan.

Halcyan Water Conditioners are the most cost effective and sustainable solution for the prevention and removal of lime-scale. A proven technology, they use a unique alloy core to achieve excellent results, with no use of any energy, salts or chemicals, no ongoing costs or maintenance, and they’re guaranteed for 30 years.

Quick and simple to install, Halcyan work as powerfully in retrofit projects, as in new build systems. WRAS certified so safe for your drinking water

Halcyan’s are installed in commercial, healthcare and hospitality systems worldwide, as well as thousands of homes.

Fit Halcyan and enjoy scale-free systems and gentler, softer water.

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