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German engineering is synonymous with quality, reliability and craftsmanship, think Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and BMW. German houses are engineered with the same ethos. Engineers and craftsmen create homes which are sustainable, warm, energy-efficient and forward-thinking, not only saving running costs, but protecting occupant’s health and the planet.

The British are the trendsetters, known worldwide in creative industries, fashion, architecture and media. The marriage of British design innovation with the reliability of German engineering is a match made in heaven.

Offsite house manufacturer Hanse Haus was one of the earliest German entrants to the UK house export market in 2007, and having now absorbed UK talent into its teams of designers and technicians, and with 130 UK homes now built, delivers British design combined with German technical excellence.

British planners may not see a difference between a German and British house from the outside. But inhabitants certainly feel it in their comfort, physical health and fuel bills.

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