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Stand Location: Groundworks Zone & 89
Website: www.helicalsystems.co.uk

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Helical Systems has been exhibiting at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre for nine years helping self-builders with their foundations.

Constructed from J55 gas/oil pipeline steel, our galvanised GroundScrew Screwpile provides a steel foundation and fully engineered solution for both new build and remedial (underpinning) applications, offering an alternative to concrete foundations, eg strip, traditional pile etc.  Associated Capping Details and Universal Steel Beams complement the GroundScrew design and are tailored to suit individual client’s requirements.

From our experience, it would appear that Building Regulations, relating to the depth of foundations, have not kept pace with changing climate conditions which cause volumetric changes in the soil leading to subsidence.  In these circumstances GroundScrews are retroactively installed (underpinning).

In new build applications, GroundScrews are always installed to a depth beyond which volumetric changes take place.  GroundScrews are very effective in areas where trees are present.  Other advantages are the absence of spoil removal and quick installation, cutting build time drastically, especially beneficial in commercial, retail builds etc.

Once we receive a soil investigation report and loads from your structural engineer, Helical Systems will provide you with a fixed price so the exact cost is known at the start.

Helping to build your home on sound foundations.

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