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Simple & Smart Underfloor Heating with JG Speedfit

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners, because it is much easier to install when compared to traditional radiators and helps in considerably cutting down heating bills. Not only that, it also offers more living space and the flexibility to be more creative with interior design.

At JG Speedfit we have developed a variety of underfloor heating solutions that will fit your project’s needs and allow you to have a luxurious heating experience. Whether you are working on a new-build, retrofit or extension project we will never let you down with our extensive range. Our next generation room packs also offer the flexibility to install underfloor heating in individual rooms of up to 30 sq/metres.

All of our underfloor heating systems can be managed using the JG Aura smart heating controls, which allow you to set the heating from anywhere, at anytime. The smart controls also allow you set different temperatures in different rooms, depending on your lifestyle and heating needs.

Explore more about our underfloor heating solutions and the JG Aura smart controls at speedfitufh.co.uk.

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