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JointKit for Workshops, Home offices, studios, man-caves, garages etc.

JointKit is a stunning new method of building timber framed structures without building or carpentry experience because perfect right angles are made each time using joints. These are made in the UK from sustainable Birch Plywood and are delivered to your door in a flat pack box.

The Corner, Extension and Roof Joints are very easy to assemble and you simply screw or bolt your beams to the joints using only hand tools if necessary. This makes a timber frame strong enough to add patio doors, windows, roof and cladding. The system is very versatile and the frames can be made in almost any size and shape eg rectangular, T shaped, U shaped etc.

We supply plans and material lists for standard buildings. We also offer a bespoke service at a small extra cost to tailor the frame and the other materials to suit your exact requirement. Your structure can be easily dismantled and rebuilt in a new location and can provide high quality living spaces tailored to your specification at a fraction of the costs of conventional builds.

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