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Website: www.lg.com/uk/heating

LG Electronics is committed to product excellence and is a total HVAC and energy solutions manufacturer. The company offers a broad portfolio of highly energy efficient air conditioning and renewable heating products that are compatible with any building from residential through to commercial. Therma V is the commercial name given to the renewable air-to-water heat pump systems, designed to create incomparable customer values like energy saving, comfort and ease of control and services to provide heating and/or hot water for the home. Therma V has inverter technology, providing excellent energy efficiency and equipped with optimal components such as class A water pump, heat exchanger, fan motors and comes complete from the factory with Gold-fin coating an anti-corrosive acryl resin treatment on the aluminium coil to prevent corrosion and to maintain a premium outlook.

MCS approved, Therma V is A+ or A++ energy label rated and available as low/medium temperature in split type and monobloc (up to 57oC) , or high temperature 16kW split system (up to 80oC).

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