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- Insulation
- Soundproofing

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David Evans MBE began Matilda’s Planet in 2012 following a discussion with his young daughter where he promised her to do more to save the planet. Mr. Evans worked with industry experts to develop the most sophisticated internal wall insulation system in the world. Matilda’s Planet is a socially responsible business on a mission to eradicate fuel poverty, reduce carbon emissions and keep homes warmer for less.

7 years on, and some 2500 homes later the mission remains unchanged. We are operating across the United Kingdom and supporting jobs in local communities. Matilda’s Blanket is a one of a kind solution which is quick, efficient and provides benefits that are far greater than just a warm home, bringing comfort to households and families who were previously battling fuel poverty, noise pollution, and general poor health and well-being.

 Matilda’s Blanket will help you:

- Reduce energy bills by up to 35-50%

- Increase the value of your home

- Bring energy inefficient homes to meet the “Decent Homes Standard”

- Eliminates indoor mould

- Provide Jobs to local communities

- Lower carbon emissions

- Support improved health and well being

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