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Free your home with underfloor heating

If you find your chilly kitchen a no-go zone, frequently abandon your comfy sofa to fight for the hot-spot by the radiator, and discover yourself reaching for an extra blanket, it’s time to break free from bad heating.

Reclaim your space with underfloor heating

Warm water underfloor heating (UFH) gives you the freedom to enjoy every last inch of your home, meaning you can place fixtures and fittings where you please, box up the blankets and reclaim your space. You can even hide your thermostats away and control the entire system from your smartphone or tablet.

Enviously efficient (up to 25% more efficient than an equivalent radiator system*), UFH keeps every part of every room gloriously toasty.  No draughts, no cold spots and no need for socks!

Choose heating as it should be

Whatever the age, size or construction of your home, chances are it's suitable for UFH. Whether you're plotting an extension, tackling a new build or giving your existing home a complete overhaul, Nu-Heat will design your UFH to be the perfect fit.

Call our specialist underfloor heating advisors on 01404 549770 for your free UFH consultation.

*EURay 2005

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