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Self build with Scandinavian style

We provide a fully tailored service for your self-build project, with packages ranging from supply only through to a full turnkey solution ready for you to move in. All of our houses are manufactured offsite in Finland to Scandinavian standards of energy efficiency and air tightness.

Build types

Our fastest option is using a highly insulated timber panel system, including secure doors and triple-glazed timber/aluminium windows. Panels are externally finished in either wood cladding, render board (for onsite rendering), or supplied suitable for brick or stone facing (or a combination). On the inside, electrical trunking and plasterboard are pre-fitted meaning a wall is virtually complete and ready for finishing as soon as it is installed - speeding up the build time significantly.

Where site access is a challenge, or you want to be more hands on with your self-build, our insulated log houses make it easier to build your own house either yourself or using your own builder.


We offer you a wide range of starting designs, any of which will be customised to suit your specific needs. Alternatively, you can come to us with an idea, a sketch or a set of plans.

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