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A sensible money saving system for any self-build project

The Showersave waste water heat recovery system is a simple heat exchanger that reuses energy otherwise lost down the drain while showering. By installing Showersave you will recover the energy from the warm waste water flowing down the drain and use it to pre-heat the incoming cold water – simple, effective and highly reliable.

We have >7,000 systems installed across the UK. The system is in use with most of the UK’s largest house builders also.

Recognised in SAP, the system is maintenance free and cost effective. It is installed at the first fix stage using standard plumbing practices and components. Not only will it save money but it will also reduce Co² emissions. The Showersave vertical system (QB1-21/C) costs £450 per system and we also offer the Showersave Linear Drain system, ideal for wet rooms and ground floor shower rooms, at a cost of £1,250.

Once fitted, a Showersave system is a fit and forget system, delivering reduced energy consumption for the life of the dwelling.

Cost effective and most important of all, highly reliable, the question is “Why wouldn’t you?”

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