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SkamoWall - Improve the indoor climate:

SkamoWall is the solution for those who have issues with damp and mold. This is the intelligent insulation system controlling damp and mold, while making your rooms fully habitable again. The following shows the unique advantages SkamoWall offers:

  •  Damp regulating
  •  Protects against fire - A1 fireproofed
  •  Exceptional insulation value
  •  Easy and fast mounting

At the same time, you achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

SkamoEnclosure – The strong and safe heatproof insulation system for fireplaces

Skamol has introduced an innovative new fireproof insulation system for fireplace enclosures: SkamoEnclosure. The system's focal point is the SkamoEnclosure Board, a light-weight, non-combustible building board that simplifies the construction process by eliminating the need for a steel or wood wall construction.

The result is a single system for your fireplace enclosure with many design solutions and finishing possibilities.

Following advantages:

  •  Easy processing and mounting: SkamoEnclosure Board can be processed with common wood working tools
  •  Quartz-free composition
  •  No hazardous particles released during processing
  •  CE- and A1-certified. 100% non-combustible material
  •  Can be delivered in standard and custom sizes

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