Solar 3C

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Our patented 3-coil space heating assist solar hot water cylinders are not only the natural next step in cylinder evolution they also maximise solar yield, minimise energy bills and optimise hot water cylinder capabilities by not being limited to the energy only going down the plug. Solar 3C cylinders are specifically designed to work with Heat Pumps, Underfloor Heating, Solar Thermal & PV systems as well as less environmentally friendly technologies such as Gas, Oil or Electric boilers.

So if you are considering a heat pump, a gas/oil or electric boiler, solar thermal or PV then you are likely to need a hot water cylinder. If you are having space heating/underfloor heating or any combination of these technologies, then a Solar 3C cylinder is the only hot water cylinder available to meet your needs.  After all, why waste your energy by only sending it down the plug when, with a Solar 3C cylinder, you can enjoy the added benefits of space heating assist.

Our Solar 3C cylinders are also RHI eligible as well as the only future-proof cylinder solution available. At the end of the qualifying RHI period, the top output coil can be connected so that the cylinder and your solar system can help reduce your heating and hot water energy bills.


TV Architect Charlie Luxton with his Solar 3C cylinder


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