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At The Hemp Block Company we are passionate about 2 things, reducing carbon emissions and healthier living environments, which you can achieve by building with hemp blocks. We believe that natural sustainable products should be considered as the first choice for all projects.

We have partnered with Senini, Europe’s leading manufacturer of hempcrete blocks, to bring high quality, affordable blocks that contain only hydrated lime and hemp shiv. They are the most natural hempcrete blocks available.

As well as having the backing and know-how of Senini behind us, our Technical Director William Stanwix, has over 12 years of experience designing, building and manufacturing with hempcrete and is co-author of The Hempcrete Book.

Not only are hemp blocks carbon negative, 100% natural, and a great insulator, but they also help improve the air quality inside our homes and offices by helping control humidity, as well as having themal mass, they are easy to install, resistant to pests, mould, and they are non-flammable.

The process for building with hemp blocks could not be simpler, you have a structural frame, timber, or steel, wrapped with a hemp block envelope which is then simply plastered internally, preferably with clay and rendered or clad on the outside.

Allowing you to Build with nature and wrapping your home in a breathable blanket.

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