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WARMCEL is a cellulose fibre insulation for timber frame trusted for over 40 years in the UK. Whilst it easily achieves building regulations standards, it also achieves the high-performance levels that Passive House requires.

Unlike other insulations, WARMCEL is an inert material with no off-gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds making it perfect for a truly healthy home. High specific heat capacity and decrement delay provides thermal comfort in summer and winter, significantly reducing heating costs.

The complete, high-density void-fill not only achieves significant improvements in building acoustics and sound insulation, but also cuts out thermal bridging and convection cooling. Tests also consistently show an increase in air tightness of 30%.

Made from recycled newspaper, WARMCEL can be used in; walls, roofs, ceilings and floors, either fitted on-site or during off-site construction processes.

We are the official distributors of WARMCEL in the UK and Ireland. Our approved installers receive expert technical training and cover comprehensive geographical locations for all project sizes. Our team can help with construction details and calculations.

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PYC can also build your timber frame house in a panelised system for a speedy installation on site.




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