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DIY Doctor – Charles Dowson


What My Company Does

DIY Doctor is a free advice service on the web. Our aim is to help people with all kinds of home improvement projects, explaining how to do them so that they have the confidence to give it a go themselves. Obviously not everyone can do all the projects we describe but at least you will know how they should be done.

We also help people to find local tradesmen to assist them with the work that they cannot do themselves, and we help with tips about how to get the best from them.

The best place to get help is from our website where we have about 1,000 formally written up projects, but we also have a very active forum and blog. We also run competitions and you can subscribe to our newsletters for a bit of DIY related fun!



What will I be doing at the October Show

We attend lots of shows around the country every year where we present the Tricks of the Trade Theatre. This is where real working tradesmen demonstrate the best tricks for doing a great job in their particular trade.

This is the first time we will have taken the Tricks of the Trade Theatre to NSBRC so we are very excited at the prospect. We expect a much more engaged and hands-on audience than other shows we attend, as the NSBRC will be attracting people at all stages of their self-build journey.

The topics that we will be teaching include, skim plastering, domestic electrics, carpentry and how to get the best from your builder/tradesman.

Click on the link to view the Theatre Timetable


Why should people visit the Show?

If you have any aspirations to build your own home then this is the show and venue for you. But even if you goals are more modest, there are a huge range of exhibitors who will be able to assist and inspire you for all kinds of home improvement project.

We hope to add to this by providing practical and entertaining advice about how you can master DIY skills yourself. Even if you don’t end up doing the work yourself you will understand how it should be done so you can recognise good work when you see it.

Please see the Theatre Timetable and get to our demonstrations early as they do fill up fast!


A few Interesting Facts about my company 

The DIY Doctor website was launched in 1999 – before the dotcom boom – by Mike Edwards, who is still very much involved with DIY Doctor. In fact, Mike will be presenting skim plastering at the show among other things.

As a lifelong, and still practicing, builder Mike brings 40 years of experience to the team. He is a published author and makes regular TV and radio appearances talking about DIY and building. Supporting Mike is a team of experienced tradesman who have been working with DIY Doctor or our building arm, Foundations Up Construction, for many years now.

DIY Doctor receives get ups over 8 million visitors each year and we have had over 10 million views on our YouTube channel. We aim to provide straightforward practical advice and ideas to all these people. Check us out on line or come and see us at the show.

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