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5 Minutes With Local Authority Building Control (LABC) - Paul Kalbskopf

What my Company Does

Local Authority Building Control exercises the legal function of controlling building standards for all buildings in England and Wales under the Building Act, Building Regulations and allied legislation, to ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings. Essentially Building Control surveyors ensure that buildings stand up, keep the water out, one can escape in case of fire and it does not cost too much to heat and light among the principal functions.  These are only minimum standards and we try to encourage developers to exceed these where feasible.


What will I be doing at the January Show?

We will be advising visitors on the many ways in which compliance with Building Regulations may be achieved. Given the non-prescriptive ways in which the guidance is now framed, we will show how having the Local Authority building Control surveyor as part of the development team, a successful outcome is assured.


Why should people visit the show?

The NSBRC is a unique venue with so much information available to satisfy virtually every need of the construction process.  Where maybe one individual may not have all the answers, the network of contacts will ensure that there will be others present who do have that particular nugget of information.


A few interesting facts about my company

LABC is a national umbrella organisation for all Local Authority building Control departments, so that there is always a local contact available.

LABC surveyors have an unrivalled knowledge of local conditions with collective years of experience totalling hundreds of years in many cases.

We also deal with the ‘death’ of buildings in as much as we also control demolitions.

If a news item indicates that ‘council engineers’ are assessing a dangerous structure, it’s more than likely that it’s a Building Control surveyor.

Our advice is normally free!

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