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Eco Workshop: Heating & Energy

Saturday 17th August

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The National Grid recently confirmed that between January and June 2019, and for first time since the Industrial Revolution, the UK is obtaining more power from ‘clean’ zero-carbon sources than fossil fuels.

Clean energy nudged ahead with 48% of generation – with half of this coming from renewables - against 47% for coal and gas, with the rest from biomass burning, a relatively new source.  This reflects the decline of coal energy, and a boom for wind and solar.  This is positive news in a time when 77% of households say they are concerned with climate change, and 79% say they could improve their own sustainable behaviour, partially driven by ever-increasing fuel bills on their mind.

The UK is committed to achieving an 80 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 and to achieve this we will all need to reduce our energy consumption and move towards sustainable, low carbon living.  Right now we are seeing the impact that groups such as Extinction Rebellion are having, led largely by a younger generation, who believe we should be doing much more, much faster.  Whether you agree with their direct-action approach or not, there’s no doubting their ability to raise awareness and encourage debate on climate change.

So, what can we do, individually, about this global problem?  Well, with domestic consumption making up 28% of energy use in 2018 (second only to transportation), our homes are a good place to start.  Next year just 12% of domestic heating will come from renewable sources and so, despite over 1 million Solar Panels (generating both electricity and hot water) have been installed on UK homes, there is much room for improvement.

We believe self-builders are actually leading the vanguard in the green revolution.  We know visitors to the NSBRC want to create well designed, energy-efficient, homes.  Typically self-builders will be using more insulation, and installing higher-performing heating systems than the big housing developers and one of the most popular product segmentations within our Trade Village is ‘Renewable Technologies’.

Our next free workshop focuses on just these issues and in-fact, our August session focusing on Heating & Energy has always been the most popular in our series of eco events.

We have a programme of specialist talks covering topics like Heat Pumps, Ventilation, Solar and Underfloor Heating.  Led by our own independent expert the workshop helps you get the answers that the sales teams might not tell you; what’s new, what works and what are the practical issues that need to be considered when installing both conventional and renewable technologies.

This is your opportunity to get the facts straight from the experts and hear what’s happening with government incentives around these products and services, helping you understand the financial implications you need to consider.

Whether your motivation is saving the environment or saving money, our free Eco Workshop will have the answers you’re looking for!

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