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Like Father, Like Daughter

A view from the NSBRC, by our latest recruit, Katy Hardwick

I have been involved with the NSBRC since 2011, back when I was just 15, where I was introduced to the NSBRC team through my Dad to do some work experience.

My Dad is the Self-Build Consultant, Project Management Specialist and current General Manager of NaCSBA, Mike Hardwick, who up until November 2017 presented the popular Self Build Course and Project Management Course at the Centre.

I have always found my Dad to  be a constant source of inspiration and I look up to his work ethic and professionalism, so it has been brilliant to be involved with the Centre and see a little bit of what he does at work.

After my work experience stint (where I still have vivid memories seven years later of our Managing Director, Harvey, pranking me on my first day!), I was kindly invited back to work at the NSBRC’s next show.  I started working intermittently at the various Self Build Shows held three times annually and later worked on a more regular basis over the summer of 2017 whilst on my summer break from University, where I developed a closer relationship with the Front of House team.

I have recently graduated from Cardiff with a BA in English Language, and I’m now back at the Centre again to help the team out.  Working at the Centre has always felt quite special because of the familial connections I have to the company.  Both my Dad and I will be working here during October’s National Self Build & Renovation Show.  I feel grateful that my Dad has introduced me to this business which has excellent values and a wonderful team, which is truly a pleasure to be able to say I’m a part of.  

Being able to work in this close-knit team has allowed me to dip into various departments and gain an insight into how a company runs which has been a great experience and good for my future career.

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