nSBRC - Self Build and Renovation

On Monday 1st April, Team NSBRC had an ‘away day’ at the beautiful South Cerney Outdoor Lakes.  We are proud to be the custodians of this unique resource and, as an employee-owned business, it’s really important that we all have a shared vision for the future of the centre.  Part of the day was spent re-affirming our main purpose of providing home builders with inspiration, education and support.  We explored several improvements we want to introduce, to make a visit to the NSBRC even more valuable, and we’ll share news on some of these ideas soon. 

It was interesting to take some time to think about what makes a great employee-owned business and we captured some of our thoughts on how we feel we run our business differently:

  • We share a common vision and a set of values, unique to us
  • We allow individuals to flourish by achieving their full potential
  • We are brave enough to be innovative and learn from mistakes
  • We are open & transparent
  • We offer a supportive environment, encouraging feedback and responding with respect
  • We have a sustainable approach to our business, safeguarding the future for our visitors, partners and team

We have invested in a ‘Personal Development Programme’ during 2019, with each member of the team benefiting from bespoke training plans.  It was great to see some of the progression during the day as several members of the team facilitated sessions and everyone felt confident to get involved and offer their thoughts.

We were blessed with a particularly sunny day so we found plenty of time to enjoy the lake too, with the full team enjoying canoeing.  Some of the team are clearly budding ‘Ray Mears’ whereas others (mentioning no names, Emma & Deanah) need a little bit more practice!  The day was finished with a team meal over-looking the South Cerney lake's and it’s fair to say we all arrived back at the NSBRC on Tuesday with a buzz of excitement about what the future holds.

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