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Renovation House

Renovating a house can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life and with careful planning, can also be a great investment. Whilst the heady days of ever-rising house prices may be gone, many people still manage to make money from renovation and the opportunity to make a profit while restoring an older property still exists. Of course, rather than profit, your motivation may well be to turn an ancient wreck into a family home for a minimal outlay. In either case, a tour of the Renovation house is a must.

At The National Self Build & Renovation Centre we have an entire zone dedicated to renovation, restoration and refurbishment of older properties. So whether you’re painstakingly reviving a Victorian terrace, overhauling a 1960s bungalow or simply modernising and extending your current house, you’ll find all you need right here.

Guided Tour
The journey through the renovation house lays out the process of bringing an old property back to life and exposes some of the problems you may encounter along the way. At first glance this is one of the worst wrecks you’ll ever see – damp, leaky guttering, rotten timbers, damaged brick and stone work – this house has the lot! However, pull on your very own builder’s helmet with built in speakers and a unique 30 minute audio tour by Tommy Walsh, will guide you through this amazing renovation; highlighting problems and recommending solutions, explaining step-by-step how this dilapidated house is brought back to life.

The Renovation house is typical of a property built in the inter-war years and has clearly had very little maintenance work or modernisation work done on it. As a result, just about everything needs work to bring it up to standard.. As you move through the house, you will be guided through identifying and resolving most of the common problems encountered during a renovation project from failing brickwork, replacing window frames, dry rot and treating rising damp through to leaky roofs, loft conversions and basements. Once you reach the end of your journey you will be amazed by the transformation! A modern, spacious home benefiting from newly created space in the loft and basement.

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