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Thursday 28th - Saturday 30th January 2021

The dream.
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Make your dream home a reality with The National Self Build & Renovation Centre.

The NSBRC are pleased to offer 6 free half-day online surgeries for anyone thinking of self building or renovating their home. Each surgery can be individually booked, and you can attend as many as are useful for your project.


Thursday 28th January

Doors & Windows (10:00 - 13:00)

Every home has them, so it will be no surprise that doors and windows are among the most sought-after category of products in the NSBRC. They are not an impulse purchase and can represent a large proportion of your total budget. However with many different types of openings, materials and styles to consider, along with local planning restrictions, knowing how to make the right choice for your project is not always easy. This surgery will help you make an informed decision, exploring the benefits of each option along with key maintenance, sustainability and cost considerations, with a selection of experienced exhibiting partners and an impartial representative from the NSBRC.

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Smart Homes  / Home Automation (14:00 - 17:00)

Our homes are becoming ever ‘smarter’ as we embrace new technologies to monitor our homes and make them more efficient and comfortable to live in. These systems need to be carefully designed and are far easier (and cheaper) to install if they are designed into your new home at an early stage. Via presentations from a number of NSBRC exhibitors we’ll discuss what smart homes are focusing on.

• Lighting Design and Control

• Zonal heating controls

• Networking and Wifi layout

• Audio visual and home entertainment

• CCTV and alarm systems.

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Friday 29th January

External Finishes (10:00 - 13:00)

You have a wide choice of methods to complete the external look of your house. From bricks, stone and tiles to renders and timber cladding each will give a distinct look and provide various benefits. Remember, the external finish you choose for your building will be subject to a number of factors, not least planning if you are building in a sensitive area such as a conservation area.

We will be joined by a selection of NSBRC exhibitors to give you a flavour of what is available, key factors to consider and answer any questions you might have.

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Internal Finishes (14:00 - 17:00)

Once the main structure is completed the last stage of the build is traditionally called the finish or second fix. The finishes to your house are very important and will give the impression not only of your personal taste and preferences, but also the feeling of the quality of the build. From wall finishes, architraves and mouldings, floor coverings doors and stairs a huge amount of thought should be given to the design, materials used and layout in the early part of any design project.

We will be joined by a selection of NSBRC exhibitors to highlight the many options available to you, what you need to be thinking about and answer any questions you might have.

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Saturday 30th January

Planning & Building Control (10:00 - 13:00)

The Surgery is aimed at anyone thinking about a new build, extension or renovation who are unfamiliar with the planning process. This 3 hour session will cover:

1. Demystifying the Planning System

What is Planning Permission. Permitted Development Rights. Retrospective Planning. Failure to obtain/comply with Planning Permission. Introduction to the Pre-Application Service and Building Control.

2. Finding a Plot

Key considerations when looking for a Plot. Availability of land in the local area. Right to Build Register Update.

3. Building Control

When do you need to apply for building regulations approval, key regs to be aware of and how a building inspector can help you achieve a well-designed, well-built home

 The session will conclude with a Planning ‘Question Time’ - A hosted session where you can have your questions discussed and answered in an informal and friendly open forum.

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Renovations, Extensions & Home Improvements (14:00 - 17:00)

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many of us to reflect on the suitability of our existing homes to allow us to both live and work within it’s existing layout. This has created a boom in home improvement and extensions projects as people look to create more space and better layouts. Homeowners in England are, in many cases, allowed to build bigger single-storey rear extensions without a full planning application with additions to terraced and semi-detached homes allowed up to 6m, while detached houses are able to add even larger structures, up to 8m long. However, neighbours must still be consulted and they can raise objections if the extension is likely to harm the character, or enjoyment of the area.

Join us as we cover some key aspects to undertaking a home improvement project.

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