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As an organisation Radiana® have over 250 years combined experience of underfloor heating systems, so of course we accepted the challenge when a client asked us if we could create a system that would provide:

  • High output heating and cooling
  • Reduce the amount of harmful gases
  • Cooling with no air movement and sound
  • Cooling without the ‘dry mouth’ effect
  • Heating and cooling in one distribution method
  • Modular and simple to build
  • Solve the sensitive floor covering constraints seen in UFH
  • Even distribution

The first Radiana® ceiling system got noticed and we began to receive enquiries from other clients wanting us to do the same for them.

When it came to establishing ceiling systems as a viable solution, we found the industry responded positively and that there were thousands of projects where Radiana® could make a real difference.

Our mission is to assist the UK market in its transition to renewable energy sources by providing a distribution method that maximises comfort and efficiency, creating perfect environments that are sustainable for future generations.

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We very much look forward to hearing from you.

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