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The Stove Box

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We are a small family business from Brigg on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. We design and manufacture fireplace products the stovebox being the main product.

The stovebox has many advantages, but the main one cuts out heatloss and improves the performance from a stove, especially now with the new 2022 regulations. In 2015 Kiwa carried out a test in their labs over a period of time between the standard registered plate installation compared with using the stovebox. They proved that using the stovebox made the stove more effective by 14%. As a result of these findings, Hetas made a new listing as an alternative installation in their product book.

The stovebox installations;

1) Chop into an existing chimney breast, a liner is brought down, connected to the stovepipe, the stovebox is then insulated. The chosen interior is precut, glued in place, the stove is then connected to complete the install. This is the most common installation.

2) Many new homes have no chimney so the stovebox is part of our SBX700 false chimney breast system which is designed and manufactured to customer specifications and can include a complete package, hearth, fireplace, twinwall, etc.

3) The SBX700 system is also used when the customer has an existing chimney breast outside but is not wide enough for a chop out to take a stove, a liner is brought down, then transferred to twinwall coming through the wall in the new chimney breast, then connected to the stove to complete.

4) The Eco-spacesaver where the stovebox fits through the outside wall to a foundation, insulated, then bricked up with a single brick to a small tiled roof where the new flue is connected which is then fitted up the wall to the required height. We have documentation from Building control for this neat installation.

The stovebox is a patented product and is Hetas listed and approved by building control.

From January 2022 all stoves have to be clean burning and meet the new criteria on efficiency we think as a lot of our customers also agree there’s not much point on an efficient stove if the installation process leeks heat into the atmosphere.

The stovebox installation”

The stovebox was designed in 2010 by an Hetas fireplace installer with over 40 years experience to save time on site but as this has developed over the years it has now many more advantages, the main one is saving heat loss as to any other type of installation.

The stovebox can be used in various installations, eg;

1) chopped into an existing chimney breast

2) is included with our SBX700 false chimney breast system as the start of a new flue system

3) also used in our co-spacesaver

4) outside features, etc

The stovebox is on display at stand 147 at the centre along with our SBX700 false chimney breast system.

The stovebox is an Hetas listed product and approved by building control.

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