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Action Net Zero

Easy, affordable action towards a net zero future.

Action Net Zero’s mission is to empower communities, people and businesses with easy, affordable actions to achieve a healthier and greener world. From energy-saving household upgrades to small daily habits that make a big difference, Action Net Zero has plenty of guides and resources to help you on your journey to greener living…

Action Net Zero

We’d all like to play our part in a more sustainable future, but knowing where to start can sometimes be daunting.

Exploring electric vehicles

If you’re interested in making the switch to an EV, but want to understand your options first, Action Net Zero has got you covered.

Information includes how to install an EV charger at home, how much EVs cost to charge and how to choose the right EV for your family, as well as stories from real life EV drivers and how to access one-tap access to over 420,000 public EV chargers across the UK & Europe with Octopus Electroverse.

Find out more here.

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Switching to solar power

Here at the NSBRC, we’re big advocates of renewable energy. Head to Action Net Zero to find out more about installing solar panels on your home, as well as how much solar panels cost and how much a system could save you on your bills.

If you already have solar panels, find out how they can be combined with an EV to set yourself up for battery storage with a vehicle-to-home energy system.

Find out more here.

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Making a net zero home

Turn your home into a carbon-saving haven with Action Net Zero’s clever little household changes.

Whether you’re able to reduce your food waste, support your local nature or swap to a greener transport option, there are so many ways to go net zero at home.

Find out more here.

About Action Net Zero

Founded in 2020 by Pamela Barbato, Action Net Zero exists to help communities join together to tackle the climate crisis, by providing a dedicated information hub for both homeowners and businesses.

Action Net Zero are currently offering businesses with high energy use a free 45 minute sustainability consultation to see how you could improve efficiencies, reduce costs and cut carbon by putting ESG at the heart of your business.

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Find out more at, or follow along for tips and advice on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.