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NSBRC Training Courses: Before you Build your Home…Build your Knowledge!

If you are contemplating building your dream home, or planning to improve your existing home, why not attend one of our NSBRC Training Courses first to build your knowledge and confidence?

We have developed a suite of Training Courses for a wide range of projects; whether you are planning a fully-fledged Self Build, or perhaps a small-scale extension, we have a course that can help you. Our courses are aimed at those who are new to the world of self-build, with relatively little knowledge or experience of the build process. Led by industry experts with years of experience, our presenters are happy to help answers your technical queries. Even if you don’t have a project on the go, our courses are great for broadening your understanding of the latest technology and options available to you.

Our three customer promises are to inspire, inform and provide impartial advice.

  • The NSBRC Guide to Self Build Projects

    Before you build your home, build your knowledge!

    We’re delighted to offer a 3 day course for those contemplating a self build project.

    Covering 11 topics in total, this informal workshop make use of the superb practical exhibits available in the Centre to provide attendees with a level of knowledge which guarantees their projects will go more smoothly.

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  • The NSBRC Guide to Project Management

    We’re with you every step of the way!

    This course is essential for anyone considering their first self build, home improvement, loft conversion or renovation project. Covering everything from budgeting, insurance and site management through to health & safety, snagging and VAT reclaim.

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  • The NSBRC Guide to Renovation Projects

    Renovate the your future!

    Our Renovation Course is delivered by NSBRC Helpdesk Expert, David Hilton. David is an authority in sustainable building and energy efficiency, with extensive knowledge in building fabrics and heating systems.

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  • The NSBRC Guide to Managing your Energy Efficient Home

    Build your knowledge...Reduce your bills!

    This Course has been designed specifically for Self Builders and Home Renovators and explores the latest options in heat and energy sources, both renewable and conventional systems.

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  • The NSBRC Guide to Finding Land & Appraising a Plot

    Land yourself the perfect plot!

    This extensive in-depth and informative course will delve deeper into the challenging world of plot hunting to give you the expert advice and knowledge you need to find, and determine the suitability of your ideal plot. 

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  • The NSBRC Guide to Managing Money

    Manage your budget, manage your build!

    Your home building project is likely to be one of the largest single spends in your lifetime.  Looking after your finances, in a controlled and planned manner, will help keep you on track and on budget.  Losing control of your cash can lead to stressful delays, unexpected costs and potentially an unfinished build with no money left.

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The National Self Build & Renovation Show - Fri 23rd & Sat 24th September

The dream. Your design. Your build. Your home. Make your dream home a reality at The National Self Build & Renovation Show. With two days of an unrivalled line up of exhibitors and experts on hand to share their advice, this is an unmissable event for anyone thinking of self building or renovating their home.

The National Self Build and Renovation Show