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Advice for your self build journey

Building your own home is becoming more accessible than ever, and provides a unique opportunity to tailor make a place to live that’s perfectly suited to your family’s needs. Whether you’re looking to build a luxurious residence, or just want a home that’s better suited to your lifestyle, self building could be the answer.

Around 13,000 people self build their own homes in the UK each year. Self built homes are typically bespoke, with layouts designed around your needs and lifestyle, and provide a high level of finish. With a focus on build quality, self builders enjoy houses that are energy efficient, often far exceeding building regulations. Discover how we can help you begin your own journey towards building a better home.

Step one: Research


The first stage in your self build journey should always be thorough research. You’ll need to make sure you understand what’s involved in a self build project, and if it’s something that is realistically feasible for you.

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Step two: Financing


With your ideas set out and an estimated budget in place, it’s time to look into how to finance your project. This will give you a more precise idea of the available budget for your build, and whether it’s achievable for you.

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Step three: Finding land

Finding land

Finding land can often be one of the biggest challenges for self builders to overcome. With an increasing demand for new homes, and the rise in popularity of self building, land has become both more expensive and harder to find. Finding that perfect plot can sometimes take years, and you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort to secure a good one.

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Step four: Planning permission

Planning permission

After securing a plot, you’ll need to apply for planning permission for your new home.

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Step five: Design and specification

Design and specification

During this stage it will start to feel like your plans are really coming together, and you’ll have a good idea of what your finished home will look like. However, there are still a huge range of options to consider and decisions to make.

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Step six: Building control

Building control

In order to meet building regulations your site will need to be inspected by an approved building inspector at regular stages throughout the build.

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Step seven: Costs


With your final designs drawn up and the big decisions made, it’s time to run through the costs and make sure everything adds up.

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Step eight: Begin building

Begin building

The final, and most exciting stage - start building! If you’ve thoroughly planned out your timelines and budget, you should have done everything needed to make this stage go as smoothly as possible.

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Case studies

Welcome to the NSBRC Case Studies hub.

The National Self Build and Renovation Centre are proud to have supported over 225,000 home-building projects and are the UK’s only permanent exhibition Centre to inform, educate and inspire self builders and home renovators.  

Here you can read about Visitors of the Centre who have been inspired by the resources at the NSBRC, be it our popular National Self Build and Renovation Shows, or the array of Training Courses and Workshops run throughout the year, many have gone on to successfully complete a construction project. Why not take a look and see how the NSBRC can help you with your project?

If you’ve recently completed your project and feel the NSBRC has helped you, we are pleased to offer the opportunity for you to feature as an exclusive Case Study for the NSBRC, please call us on 0345 223 4455 or email

Before you Build your Home…Build your Knowledge with the NSBRC!

If you are contemplating building your dream home, or planning to improve your existing home, why not attend one of our NSBRC Training Courses first to build your knowledge and confidence?

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