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Advice for your renovation journey

Renovating or extending a house can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It can provide you and your family with additional space, reduce your energy bills and with careful planning, it can also be a shrewd investment. We’ll help you understand the options available to you, the various stages of a project, and typical pitfalls to avoid, so you can create your own dream home.

Guides for getting started


Visit our educational Renovation House

A tour of the Renovation House is a must. Using our audio tour, you can find out exactly how to go about bringing an old property back to life whilst learning about the problems you might encounter and getting top tips on how to make your own project a success.

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Stages of Renovation

The Renovation House shows the 4 main stages you will need to follow, namely:

  • Assessment and design
  • Strip out/build down
  • Renovation first fix
  • Final finishes

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Doing The Work

A large part of good renovation redevelopment is about spending wisely. It is not necessary to spend a small fortune to make an impression or create a top quality home. However, you may decide to install the latest technology in your home such as hi-tech audio and control systems for your own enjoyment.

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Assess the property’s potential

Before buying a renovation project, either at auction or on the open market, a full structural survey is absolutely essential. A proper survey will help you to determine exactly what work needs to be done, and therefore whether the project is economically viable. Knowing what needs to be done will help you to set your price limit at auction, or to negotiate a fair price for the property so that y…

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Before you Build your Home…Build your Knowledge with the NSBRC!

If you are contemplating building your dream home, or planning to improve your existing home, why not attend one of our NSBRC Training Courses first to build your knowledge and confidence?

Check out our range of in-person and virtual courses!