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5 benefits of making your home eco-friendly

Building in an environmentally friendly way has many benefits, along with being both incredibly rewarding and cost effective too. Not only are you helping to look after the environment but you’ll also enjoy lower bills, increased energy efficiency and your home will require less maintenance over time.

With a wealth of information and support available, it is now easier than ever before to create a greener and more energy efficient home.

Green can mean different things to different people but in today’s environment, planning a ‘sustainable build’ always makes good economic sense. Our philosophy is to always put 'Fabric First' and we show how to get your technical specifications right so that they save you money for the lifetime of your home.

Sue Dewhirst, PassivHaus Designer and SAP Assessor

Water and energy efficiency

Energy prices are steadily increasing year by year, and with a growing population, the demand and costs for energy are only set to increase. Incorporating energy efficient systems throughout your home will noticeably cut the price of your bills, and the initial setup cost will soon be earned back through the savings you’ll make.

Less maintenance

Sustainability is key when building an eco home, the aim is to construct a home that lasts and has as little effect on the surrounding environment as possible. Green building materials are often more durable and require much less maintenance over time, helping your home to look newer for longer and saving money on costly repairs. This extended lifespan and little need for upkeep can also help to significantly reduce your home’s environmental impact.

Healthy indoor environment

Most standard quality products contain harmful substances to some degree, whether this is in the materials they are made from or used during the manufacturing process. One of the biggest benefits of choosing to build with eco materials is that they are free from these harmful chemicals, finishes and potential environmental pollutants. This makes them safer to build with and creates a healthier home environment for your family.

Lower carbon footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint is something that we should all be taking into consideration. It’s important that we take steps now and start working to reduce our negative impact and help to sustain the environment for our future generations.

Higher property value

Buyers are increasingly starting to see the benefits that eco-friendly homes offer, from lower running costs to a more sustainable and future proof way of living. Green homes are now highly sought after, and as such attract a much higher property value than their non-green counterparts. Investing in an eco-friendly home now means you’ll be one step ahead for the future.

Building 'green' is about being sensible. By understanding your lifestyle needs, you can avoid waste and research appropriate products to get it right first time.

David Hilton, Heating & Energy Consultant