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The final, and most exciting stage - start building! If you’ve thoroughly planned out your timelines and budget, you should have done everything needed to make this stage go as smoothly as possible.

Even the best laid plans can hit bumps in the road. So, make sure you have plans in place for the unexpected, such as timescales shifting, disputes, cash flow issues or the possibility of bad weather. You should also think carefully about where you plan to live during the build, and what you will do if your project takes longer to complete than expected.

You can visit the NSBRC at any stage during your project to get free and independent advice from our experts.

Our team has decades of building knowledge and can offer support and guidance on every aspect of your project, from research right through to building. So there’s no need to worry if you come across an issue on your journey. Drop into the centre and speak to our Help Desk where our friendly experts will be happy to help answer your questions both big and small.

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Before you Build your Home…Build your Knowledge with the NSBRC!

If you are contemplating building your dream home, or planning to improve your existing home, why not attend one of our NSBRC Training Courses first to build your knowledge and confidence?

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