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Building control

In order to meet building regulations your site will need to be inspected by an approved building inspector at regular stages throughout the build.

You’ll need to decide on whether to use an independent company, or go through your local council (Local Authority Building Control (LABC)), and get this booked in. There are pros and cons to each option, so it’s worth doing your research before deciding.

Key points in the build to sign off will include excavations for the foundations, oversite, damp proofing, water drainage installation and second fix, amongst others. Having an understanding of building standards and regulations can be really useful here, and can help to make the sign off process go as smoothly as possible. Our one day Project Management course covers theses stages in much more detail.

Once your building is complete, a final inspection will take place and a Completion Certificate will be issued. This is a very important document, and it will be required by your lender in order to release the final funds, and by solicitors should you ever wish to sell. Providers such as BuildStore can offer advice on any specific warranties required.

Find out more about our popular one-day Guide to Project Management here.

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