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ET Architects + Passivhaus Designers

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We’re Architects and Certified Passive House Designers with over 25 years experience, based in Cirencester in Gloucestershire, and working on projects across the south of England.
We enjoy working one-to-one with you, the self-builder, to help you bring your project to life. Each project is as individual as you are.
We can be involved as much as you like, whether just for concept ideas or for Planning permission, or to take the project all the way to completion.

We have the experience, knowledge and skills to make your project a success, whether it’s a simple extension or a new build Passivhaus.
We don’t have any pre-conceived style but aim to help you achieve the best design solution for you, one that exceeds your expectations, but not your budget.
Why not arrange to meet at the centre during your visit to discuss your project ?

ET Architects was established in 2006 by RIBA Chartered Architect Edward Tucker, after a decade working in a variety of architectural practices. Since then the company has specialized in residential design and helped hundreds of home owners and self-builders, like you, make their projects a success.

Edward Tucker:
“We work one-on-one with my clients, and enjoy the journey of taking the spark of an idea all the way through to a complete home. You benefit from my experience, knowledge and skills, every step of the way.
The most important thing an Architect can do is to listen to you, to understand your needs, hopes and dreams. It’s our job to offer suggestions to help you create a home which meets, and exceeds, your expectations.
I know the power that good design can have. Get it right and it can change your life. We all know when we experience a well designed building, but it’s difficult to define.

We won’t impose a defined style, but always strive for quality, simplicity and elegance. To get the best result for your budget. A bespoke, tailored design that fits your life and it’s surroundings perfectly.
Buildings stay built for a long time. Construction work is expensive.
Decisions you make during the design process have long lasting implications, so it makes sense to take advise and make wise, informed choices.
All design work from day 1 is carried out in 3D, so you can clearly understand the design. The design will evolve with my suggestions and your responses until a point where we both know it is right.
As well as being a qualified Architect, I’m also a Certified Passive House Designer. This means I have the skills to be able to design a house to the ultimate in low energy building standards, yet balance that with the need for architectural beauty. All this happens in-house.

We can be involved as much, or as little as you need. Sometimes it’s just to come up with concept ideas, or to obtain Planning Permission.
Other times it’s the full service, from inception to completion. It’s up to you.
Our work has won several awards, but the ultimate reward is a client delighted with their new home. A home that is warm in winter and cool in summer. Easy to maintain and cheap to run. A healthy, comfortable home. A home that provides all the space you need and that lifts your spirits and makes you feel the best version of yourself, every day.
Building your home is an exciting challenge, but can sometimes seem like a daunting journey into the unknown. Lots of decisions, lots to learn.
As your architect, we can help you climb that mountain. We have the experience and clarity of vision to help you make the right decisions, avoid the pitfalls and find your way to the summit.”

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