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Partel produces and supplies innovative high-performance building envelope systems to the Low Energy Building sector in the UK, Ireland, and the US. We combine our knowledge in Architecture and Engineering with technical expertise and a unique building physics approach to build up customised solutions for your specific project.

VARA, IZOPERM, EXOPERM, ALMA, CONIZO & CONEXO are some of the most known brands used extensively in the construction sector, including Vapour Control Layers, Monolithic Exterior Breather Membranes, Airtight Acrylic Adhesive Tapes along with Thermal Bridging solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings.

Partel is also the exclusive supplier of Lunos Decentralised Ventilation Systems in the UK and Ireland. Lunos is the worldwide market leader in providing highly efficient, quiet, low-energy residential and commercial ventilation systems. The decentralized concept means that installation is extremely straightforward and best of all there is no complicated ducting to run throughout the property.

Our team of experts offers you dedicated sales consultancy and provides support on all our products from specification advice, WUFI analysis, U-Value Measurements, CPDs, and Onsite Inspections. In addition to low-energy buildings, we have a large number of NZEB, Passivhaus and Enerphit projects on our books which we believe is a reflection of the quality of our products and services.

We make the built environment more energy-efficient, durable and healthy, providing you sustainable solutions for air and wind tightness, thermal bridging, sealing, and ventilation. 

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